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Laurence Jollivet – Engel & Völkers Toronto Central Services

Your Toronto Francophone Real Estate Expert | Courtier en Immobilier

Rien ne prédestinait Laurence à s’installer à Toronto et à devenir courtier en immobilier ! Diplômée d’un Master en Marketing, ayant travaillé en France, Laurence est arrivée à Toronto avec sa famille en 2002. Elle s’est immédiatement investie dans le milieu associatif francophone, aidant notamment de nombreuses familles à s’installer à Toronto.

Cela fait maintenant 10 ans que Laurence guide ses clients dans leurs projets immobiliers, offrant une aide personnalisée qui va bien au-delà des services immobiliers traditionnels.

Ses clients n’hésitent pas à la recommander, mettant en évidence son approche chaleureuse dans leurs commentaires, ainsi que sa grande connaissance du marché immobilier et ses qualités de négociatrice.

Laurence est à votre disposition pour vous accompagner dans vos projets immobiliers !


No one could have predicted that Laurence would come live in Toronto and become a real estate broker!

Graduating with a Master’s degree in Marketing and having worked in France, Laurence arrived in Toronto with her family in 2002. She immediately became involved in the French-speaking community, leading her to help many families settle down in Toronto.

Laurence has been helping her clients with their real estate projects for 10 years. Going far beyond the standard real estate services, she provides extensive support to her corporate and non-corporate clients who are facing major changes in their lives.

Her clients do not hesitate to recommend her, highlighting her friendly demeanor in their testimonials, along with her extensive knowledge of the real estate market and her negotiating skills.

Be sure to speak with Laurence to get the guidance you need to make a properly informed decision!


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