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La Maison – DIVI (De l’Immigration Vers l’Intégration) Services


DIVI – De l’Immigration Vers l’Intégration
From Immigration to Integration

The DIVI program is an initiative of La Maison, a multi-service center offering services in french and a short-term emergency shelter for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence in Toronto.

DIVI assists french-speaking newcomers, whether or not they are victims of domestic violence, in their integration process into the Toronto community. We provide one-on-one support to help women navigate their immigration journey, and refer them to any relevant community resources. We also offer information workshops on diverse subjects, as well as outings to discover Canadian art and culture.

Integrating into a new community is not easy, especially during a pandemic.

If you feel isolated, you are not alone! Join us for our community cooking workshop and conversation group, which takes place once a month!

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