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I am Sabrina, nice to e-meet you! Originally from Paris, I settled in Toronto 11 years ago. I fell in love with this City, its neighborhoods and the people. I am the Founder of RENDEZ-VOUS. We offer French curated picnic experiences. My partner and I cycle our way through the world always in search for new experiences. Powered by human connections (we miss them so much these days!), we’ve created Rendez-Vous to share our love for French Food, adventure and cultural experiences.

Ideal for two, all of our experiences come with our signature musette, that we have designed ourselves, and turns easily into a stylish picnic “table”. All of our food products are meant to be shared. Many are “Apéro style” i.e. to be eaten with your fingers. And of course, there is always THE traditional baguette! You also get your own menu, custom made biodegradable and reusable cutlery case (with 2 knives) as well as a disposable cheese board and napkins. Everything is for you to keep!

Intrigued and ready to explore? Hop on a Culinary journey with us at:

Can’t wait to meet you!


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